Why Choose a 7-Day Amed Yoga Retreat, Bali?

In the heart of Amed, Bali, lies a sanctuary of serenity where the rhythm of the waves and the whisper of the palm trees weave a tapestry of tranquility. Here, amidst the lush greenery and azure waters, a 7-day Amed yoga retreat awaits, beckoning you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal. Guided by experienced instructors, you’ll immerse yourself in the ancient practice of yoga, finding solace in the gentle embrace of each asana. Nourish your body with wholesome cuisine crafted from locally sourced ingredients, and connect with like-minded souls who share your passion for holistic living. Beyond the confines of the yoga studio, Amed unveils its treasures, inviting you to dive into its crystalline waters and explore its charming villages. As your retreat draws to a close, you’ll leave Amed refreshed, renewed, and inspired, carrying its essence with you wherever you go.

As you bid farewell to Amed’s enchanting landscape, a sense of lightness fills your being, a clarity of mind that lingers like the echo of distant waves. In the embrace of this sanctuary, you’ve discovered the power of presence, the beauty of connection, and the infinite potential that resides within you. With each step forward, you carry the lessons learned, the memories cherished, and the love cultivated in this sacred space. May your journey continue to unfold with grace and intention, guided by the wisdom of your heart and the whispers of the universe.

Embrace Tranquility: Surrender to Amed's Embrace, Let Your Spirit Soar on a 7-Day Yoga Retreat Journey.

Schedule for Amed Yoga Retreat

06:15 AM

Herbal Tea

06:30 AM - 07:00 AM

Shatkarma (Cleansing)

07:00 AM - 8:30 AM

Asana Practice

09:00 AM - 10:00 AM


10:00 AM - 12:25 PM

Swimming and Personal Time

01:00 PM - 02:25 PM


02:15 PM - 04:30 PM

Local Market Visit or Sightseeing

04:30 PM - 06:00 PM

Asana Class (Optional)

06:00 PM - 06:45 PM


07:00 PM - 08:00 PM


10:00 PM

Good Night!

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7-Day Amed Yoga Retreat Cost

Book 2 Months in Advance and get extra 200 USD Discount

Twin Sharing Room Price

1000 USD

1200 USD

Private Room Price

1200 USD

1400 USD

Retreat Inclusion

Retreat Exclusion

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Beauty of Amed's retreat awaits you

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Excursions to Hidden Gems of Amed, Bali

Explore Amed, Bali's soul-stirring excursions: dive, trek, sail, and immerse yourself in tradition. Feel the magic, ignite your soul.

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Masters for Your Amed Yoga Retreat

Our Dedicated Team

Sarvottam Kumar Ji
Yoga Practitioner

Sarvottam Ji

Yoga Practitioner

Soney Rawat

Mavreta: Vinyasa Flow Instructor
Vinyasa Flow Instructor

Mavreta Ji

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